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What is factoring?

Companies that, due to the specifics of their business, regularly make deliveries on deferred payment terms, often face the problem of having a significant amount of receivables from buyers. This situation is especially typical for supplier companies working with large buyers, such as retail chains of federal level or large wholesale companies.

In this case, the supplier is forced to divert significant amounts of money from the turnover, losing the opportunity to quickly increase sales and develop its business. In addition, the supplier is forced to independently control receivables and track payments made for supplies.

The optimal solution to such problems is factoring.

A strategic partner of the company is PJSC "Eastern Express Bank".

Factoring is a whole range of services that includes not only the financing of the supplier (in exchange for the assignment of a monetary claim under a supply contract), but also monitoring the state of the buyer's debt for deliveries, a reminder to debtors about the onset of payment terms, conducting reconciliations with debtors, providing the supplier with information on the current status of receivables as well as the maintenance of analysts on the historical and current operations.

How does it work?

  • 1.
    Supply of goods / provision of services with deferred payment
  • 2.
    Assignment of right of demand on supply to UniFactor
  • 3.
    Financing up to 90% of the supply amount
  • 4.
    Payment for the goods delivered to the account of UniFactor
  • 5.
    UniFactor transfers the balance of supplier's payments, net of financing and remuneration

The advantages of factoring with recourse

  • 1

    Does not require collateral

  • 2

    Financing right on the day of delivery

  • 3

    Additional Factor Services

  • 4

    Improved balance structure of Supplier

  • 5

    Only the "real" term for the use of money is paid

  • 6

    Individual approach to each client

  • 7

    Electronic document management


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